​  ​​ 10 Tips for Homefront and Backyard Weddings

Homefront and backyard weddings are anything but casual these days.  They have become elegant soirees and are often held where someone either grew up or experienced their favorite memories.  These private events are very personalized, cozy, and inviting.  Here are some tips for planning these special events…

  1. Capitalize on the surroundings.  When planning your backyard wedding, slowly graze the grounds and look for the most beautiful or special spots on the property.  Take advantage of existing landscapes, views, architecture, foliage, and blooms.  Choose a focal point for the ceremony, which might be your favorite spot, the front porch, an arch or a special tree.

  2. Create various seating areas.  You'll want comfy lounging areas to encourage guest conversation, but also more supported seating areas for the mealtimes.  For added charm, bring indoor furniture to the outdoors as well as your favorite area rugs.

  3. Arrange flowers everywhere.  An outdoor wedding brings forth endless opportunities to decorate.  Add gorgeous blooms to tables, chairs, arches, walkways, signage, drink stations and more.

  4. Elevate the lighting.  Create an ambiance with string lights and flickering lanterns throughout the property.

  5. Benefit from local delicacies.  Share your favorite local food with guests by hiring food trucks or local caterers.   A BBQ or s'mores are also fun ways to capitalize on the outdoor setting.

  6. Create a dance floor.  You can do this by transforming a patio or by renting a floor.  You can also purchase outdoor speakers that look like rocks or that blend in with the scenery.

  7. Set up games.  Entertain guests with games like Corn Hole, Giant Jenga or even Trivia. 

  8. Plan for rain.  If sending your guests indoors is not an option, then renting a tent is a great backup plan.

  9. Personalize details whenever possible.  A backyard soiree calls for extra personalization like handwritten place cards, welcome signs, drink signage, etc.  You can even set up a special walkway or table to display special photo memories.

  10. Protect yourself.  Home front and backyard weddings do come with some risk.  Wedding liability insurance may come in handy to protect you in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents. WedSafe is recommended by top wedding vendors and accepted by many thousands of reception venues across the country. Simply request a quote today at www.wedsafe.com. 


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