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Top 15 Wedding Predictions for 2024

Wedding style continues to be elevated in 2024.  Gone are the days of big wedding parties with large groups of bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Instead, engaged couples are opting for more meaningful and intimate guest experiences.  We are seeing more neutral tones with elegant, nature-inspired details.  Sustainability and giving back is also top-of-mind for couples.

How do we know all of this?  Well, we have partnered with WedSafe, your wedding insurance specialists, and asked BridalTweet's audience of 24,000 wedding enthusiasts to share the top trends that they're seeing in the areas of venues, fashion, decor, entertainment, stationery, ambiance and more.  Scroll down to find out what's hot for 2024!
1. Home Front Weddings.  "One trend that seems to be gaining traction is the concept of home front weddings. Couples nowadays are looking to create a more intimate and personalized experience for their special day, and what better way to do that than by incorporating their own front porches into their backyard soiree? It's a beautiful way to showcase their home and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for their guests.  From elegantly decorated front porches that serve as the ceremony backdrop to cozy outdoor lounge areas that provide a relaxed and comfortable space for guests to mingle, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a memorable home front wedding." - Lafayne and Keren of K'Mich Event Planning and Consulting

2.  Nature-Inspired and Sustainable Jewelry.  "As awareness of environmental and ethical issues continues to grow, it's likely that an increasing number of couples will seek wedding rings that are sustainable and eco-friendly in 2024.  Our prediction for weddings regarding jewelry in 2024 will be nature-inspired designs. Think floral motifs, leaf patterns, and designs reminiscent of water or mountains." - Henk of Metal Artist Studio

"Flowers, leaves, olive branches, and twigs are the romantic answer to years of standard but boring engagement rings." - Anastasia of https://one2threejewelry.com/

"As we continue to craft custom pieces, our focus remains on merging the essence of nature with unique designs, resonating with the modern wearer's yearning for authenticity and connection." - Leanne of Jewelry by Johan

3.  Elevated Fashion.  "I discovered this wedding trend when one of my brides had long white gloves for her ceremony. And having my flower bouquet with the gloves was gorgeous and elevated the whole look!" - Angelique Renee of The Painted Bouquet

Photo credit: Frances Mary Sales

4. Nature-Inspired Looks.  According to Sira D' Pion Bridal Atelier, wedding designers are creating gowns that have a "simple, clean minimalistic look with a twist."  Floral prints are trending along with floral lace, embroidery, or beading details.

"Floral crowns are the perfect addition to elevate any wedding style. They are a timeless accessory that is guaranteed to be a trend in the upcoming year." - Aleksandra of https://rozenhandmade.etsy.com

5. All Inclusive Invitations.  "Couples are looking to cut costs as wedding budgets are reined in for 2024.  A trend we see as popular are all-inclusive photo wedding invitations.  This includes an invitation, response card and reception details all on one folding card. Guests appreciate the simplicity of returning the RSVP postcard, and the postage costs are less for the couple. With so many different designs, (from rustic to elegant) fonts, ink choices and card stock options available it is truly customizable." - Penny of Quaint Wedding Stationery

6.  Signature Mocktails.  "One trend I am seeing for 2024 is a rise in the popularity of Signature Mocktails in lieu of or in addition to alcoholic libations. As more members of the millennial and Gen Z population take a sober stance, I think we'll see more unique options for wedding beverages served at receptions and during cocktail hour. Nonalcoholic wine companies such as JØYUS and non-alcoholic spirit brands such as Ritual Zero Proof make it easy to offer guests a festive drink without making sober guests feel awkward or like they're missing out." - Jessica Bishop, founder of TheBudgetSavvyBride.com

7.  A Rise in Rentals.  "Wedding rentals save you money by not having to purchase items yourself, and give you the opportunity to select from pieces that you would not have picked out on your own.  Additionally, rentals are very eco-friendly because there's no waste.  The items have been used before and will be used again." - Allyson of The Pemberley Creative

8. Elevated First Dances.  "An interesting trend that caught my eye this year is the addition of a saxophonist or other instrument to a recorded version of a First Dance song and the evening of music!  The sax was the most common choice for my couples, but one couple was planning to add a harmonica!" - Peter of Ballroom Wedding Dance

9.  Live Art Events.  "Over the last year, we've had more and more couples requesting what we call "Live Event Art".  Brides and grooms are hiring artists to paint "Live" during their wedding, painting the ceremony or even the reception.  We not only see this continuing in 2024 but also smaller quick sketch paintings of guests as "Favor art" that they can take with them. Both Live Wedding Painters and Favor Art Sketches "Wow" and entertain their family and friends." - Janel of Vivid Expressions

10.  Eco-Friendly Details.  "From Breast Cancer to saving the Honeybees, couples are letting everyone know they plan to be around for a long time and want to assist with the saving the planet and others. For the environment, couples are having more events outdoors, producing less waste at their celebration, and even downsizing. To make an impact on their communities, they are providing donations to charities they care about such as Bee-Cause and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  I applaud the awareness of these couples and hope these trends will continue for a long time.  This photo is a refurbished old cowboy boot from a local thrift store.  It was used at a ranch wedding as an example of 'Recycle, Reuse, Refurbish and Reimagine' (photographer Two Elk Studios)." - JoAnn of JoAnn Moore Wedding, Design and Event Planning

11. Amazing Guest Experiences.  "Couples are concerned with their guest's experience as well as their own. Opting for the additional services that creates an amazing guest experience like guest shuttle service is so appreciated especially when the venue is set on many acres for guests to navigate." - Allison Parker of L&L Farm

12. Sentimental Keepsakes.  "I have had a steady increase in boutonniere photo charms for grooms and groomsmen this year.  I predict it will grow even more popular in 2024.  It's always an honor to be entrusted with creating a keepsake with such a sentimental meaning." - Katherine of Keepsakes by Katherine

13.  Wedding Bouquet Preservation. "My prediction is a continued growth and interest in wedding bouquet preservation - particularly resin cast." - Shawna of The Evermore Floweret LLC

Photo Credit: http://fleurchallisphotography.com/

14. The Last Dance.  "Many couples today are opting for a private last dance.  We send all guests outside to prepare for the sendoff while the bride and groom share a private moment during one last song on their dance floor.  It allows them to breathe for a few minutes, to briefly discuss the events of the day, or to simply revel in the comfort of each others' embrace.  In order for the bride and groom not to appear exclusionary of 'stand-off-ish', most of them have a final dance with all guests.  We then progress into the private last dance.  It brings a closure to the wedding day, the latest chapter the couple has written in their story." - George of Carolina Party Professionals

15. Protecting Your Big Day.  Did you know that for less than half the cost of an average wedding cake, you can protect your big day? Wedding Liability Insurance, often required by many venues, protects you in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents. WedSafe is recommended by top wedding vendors and accepted by many thousands of reception venues across the country. With WedSafe, it's affordable, easy and fast!  Simply request a quote today at www.wedsafe.com and enjoy a wedding without worries


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