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3 Things Your Bridal Party is Afraid to Tell You

Wedding planning is the perfect time to ask your friends and family for advice and direction. But are you really getting the honest input you need? Or are friends and family simply going along with whatever you say, because you’re the bride and they don’t want to upset you?

The reality is there are things your best friends and family might be afraid to tell you. Whether it’s from experience or simply observation, they may be holding back just for the sake of keeping the peace. Here’s where we come in, as an unbiased (but very experienced) observer. Here are a few things we think brides need to hear … just in case your friends and family can’t (or won’t) speak up.  

bridesmaids talking without the bride

  1. While it may seem so, your wedding is not the only event going on in the world.  Every bride deserves the spotlight on their wedding day, but please pause and take a big, deep breath. No one appreciates a Bridezilla, so please don't mistreat those near and dear to you during the wedding planning process. Try to keep things in perspective. Remember that most people have your best interests at heart, and are trying to go above and beyond their normal obligations to make your bride-to-be experience special. While they’re helping plan for the best day of your life, try to remember that you can’t expect it to be the best day of everyone else's lives.
  2. You’re going to be exhausted if you try to do all of this by yourself. Wedding planning can be a long, complicated process. Some brides try to take it all on alone! Don't be afraid to ask for help. Try to trust those closest to you to lend a helpful hand by doing things with your taste in mind. Does your mother or Maid of Honor feel your plate is too full? Instead of getting defensive, angry or stressed out, give your fiancé, trustworthy friends, and family members small jobs to do, both before and on your big day!
  3. While you're imagining a perfect day, remember it may not go off without a hitch. When discussing your wedding with your bridal party, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the amazing details -- how gorgeous your flower arrangements or beachfront backdrop will be. The truth is, things could go wrong that your friends might be afraid to bring up. A wedding guest slips and falls on the dance floor and ends up in the ER. Severe weather could roll in just in time for your beach ceremony. Your photographer or DJ is a no-show. Despite all your good planning, stuff can and does happen. Which is why it’s important to protect yourself and the financial investment you and your family make on your big day with affordable wedding insurance. A wedding insurance policy could cost less than your wedding cake, and offers protection from “wedding what-ifs.”

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