​  ​​ 3 Ways Wedding Professionals Will Succeed in 2022

3 Ways Wedding Professionals Will Succeed in 2022

Something old, something new.  Weddings are seeing it ALL in 2022!  This year, we are excited to see all sorts of different trends and styles, which truly reflect the tastes and personalities of each individual couple.  Here are the top 5 contrasting trends that we're seeing right now…

  • Subdued micro-weddings vs. huge jampacked weekend weddings
  • Understated luxury vs. over-the-top elements
  • Traditional vows vs. unique unity ceremonies
  • Simple silhouettes and colors vs. bolder looks
  • Easy minimoons vs. more exotic honeymoon destinations

So, what does that mean for wedding professionals? 

  1. Be extra inquisitive. Before you even say a thing about your service, ask the couple about their wedding 'vision'.  Find out what's important to them and why? Keep circling deeper until you get to a rich level of emotion.  Do NOT try to sell to them until you've reached this place.
  2. Create that special, emotional feeling. For many couples, their wedding is something that they've anticipated their entire lives. Be in tune with how important this event is by using words and phrases like "exclusive," "congratulations" and "limited edition." Your marketing needs to make couples feel extra special. It needs to suggest to a couple that they are about to have a truly unique experience – one that other wedding vendors are not necessarily providing.
  3. Establish trust and create a sense of security.  Offer couples add-on services that give them peace of mind such as wedding insurance. Companies like WedSafe offer Wedding Cancellation/Postponement Insurance, providing coverage for a wide range of losses and expenses, such as no-show vendors, causing you to scramble and lose deposits. Wedding Liability Insurance offers coverage in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents.
  4. Go above and beyond. After you've piqued their interest, give couples more evidence to show that you can help them achieve what they want.  Send an email or text with relevant wedding tips, trends, and even behind-the-scenes examples of your past work.

Weddings are pinnacle events and to be a part of that, wedding professionals need to show that they will take the utmost care in providing services that will meet and exceed each couple's personalized vision.



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