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3 Earlymoon Travel Tips - Take A Break From Wedding Planning by Going On A Trip  

Earlymooning is the latest trend in wedding planning.


Earlymoon Pre-Wedding Vacation

Anyone who's planned a wedding knows… wedding planning can be stressful. There are so many details to decide on. From the venue, to the vendors, color schemes, guest list, scheduling and accommodations--the list is endless. That's why more and more brides and grooms are deciding to Earlymoon before their big day. Yes, a getaway vacation before the big day! Not only is it a great way to take a break from the madness of wedding planning, but it also gives you some quality time with your significant other in the final stages of your engagement.

Stick Within Your Budget
With an earlymoon, there's no pressure. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, especially during wedding planning, but at the same time, depending on your budget, it can be a big getaway, too! The type of trip is totally up to you. Whether it's a quick road trip, a two-night stay at a local bed and breakfast, or a trip to Europe, there are no limits to where your earlymoon can take you.

Don't Forget Your To-Do List
Before you book your earlymoon, make sure that you are not leaving any important tasks left undone. The last two months of your engagement are usually the busiest. That's the time when the last-minute details of your big day fall into place and many decisions need to be made. If you have vendor appointments, fittings, or deposits due, make sure those things are taken care of before you head off to enjoy your trip.

Keep Your Availability Open
Depending on when you take your earlymoon, it might be best to make sure your able to take phone calls and receive emails easily. While any vacation is a chance to shut-off from the real world, you also want to make sure that your vendors can reach you, should there be any emergencies or important updates about your wedding day.

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