​  ​​ 4 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters

4 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters

It's no secret that weddings can be a huge expense.  And while some things are worth splurging on, others are just a plain old waste of money.  We asked our audience what their biggest regrets were when it came to wedding splurges.  Here were the most common answers that we heard. 

  1. Huge guest lists.  While you’re planning your wedding, you might feel pressure to invite everyone that you know. However, the cost of that will quickly add up. Think about who is really important to you, to your fiancé and to both of your parents. And I always suggest that couples ask themselves, “Will this guest be talking to me in 3-5 years?” If the answer is no, then you may want to question if they should be coming to your big day.
  2. Personalizedcocktail napkins.  This is one detail that your guests won't even notice if it is not there.  Eliminating little unnecessary details like this one can save you a significant amount of money when you are planning your wedding.
  3. Too many decorations.  A bride that we interviewed mentioned this helpful tip, "Our backdrop was a golf course and vineyards in the hills and it really didn’t need florals."  Sometimes the simple, natural beauty of a wedding venue is enough to make your wedding day memorable.
  4. Favors that don't serve a purpose.  No one wants a trinket with your name on it.  Trust me - it will just get tossed in the garbage.  If you'd like to hand out wedding favors, choose items that can be used by your guests. Some examples are chocolates, tiny bottles of champagne, simple picture frames, etc.

And one thing that is certainly NOT a waste of money is wedding insurance. The truth is that a lot can go wrong at a wedding that many people might be afraid to discuss. Severe weather could roll in right at the wrong time. Your venue, photographer, or any vendor for that matter, could face a problem and be unable to provide their contracted services. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your big day may be covered?

Consider protecting your investment with wedding insurance.


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