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6 Watch Outs for Winter Weddings

There are many perks to a winter wedding… better date selection, lower rates, affordable travel and accommodation… but there are also a few things to be sure you look out for. Below are six important things to keep in mind during your winter wedding planning process:

Winter Weddings

Holiday Madness Mixed in With Wedding Planning

Getting married near or after the holiday season can bring about its own level of stress. Your venue and vendors schedule most appointments a few weeks before your big day in hopes to iron out the final details, which has a big chance of overlapping with holiday parties, gift buying, family obligations and travel plans. Make sure to keep yourself organized and try to get ahead of your planning, as to not create unnecessary holiday stress.

Weather Worries

A winter wedding is about as unpredictable as Mother Nature can get. In the northeast, for example, a winter's day could be below freezing or feel like Spring! You never know what you're going to get. Try to avoid overthinking something that's completely out of your control. If it snows, rains, or turns out to be a fluke of a warm day, worrying about it won't change it. To be prepared, try to have umbrellas or shawls on hand if you're hoping to snap a few outdoor photos, just in case!

Less Daylight to Enjoy

With winter sunsets being much earlier in the day, it leaves a lot less daylight to play with. An evening wedding at a beautiful venue with a scenic water view will be hard to enjoy once the sun goes down, making it important to be thoughtful about your venue choice and ceremony time. When choosing your winter venue, try basing your decision on the interior style and how accessible the venue is in all weather conditions.

Losing Those Holiday Pounds

If you're working on losing some weight before your big day, the winter months can be tricky where dieting is concerned. The weather makes it harder to enjoy outside exercise and the cold can make getting to the gym that bit more of a challenge. The temptation to snuggle up on a chilly night and enjoy comfort food is more appealing, as well as enjoying home cooked family meals and sweets around the holidays. Remember to find a balance that focuses on your goals but also lets you enjoy the holiday season!

Wedding Flower Selection

Winter weddings can be amazing, but they may force a few tradeoffs. Flower selection can vary throughout the year, so be sure to make your top choices of flowers are available during winter. Local florists can help guide you toward the most amazing winter wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

Travel Troubles

With cold and unpredictable weather being most common for a winter wedding, you don't want to run into any issues should you need to cancel/postpone your big day due to severe storms or reschedule your honeymoon flights. Be sure to invest in wedding insurance and travel insurance for some peace of mind!

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