​  ​​ 7 Show-Stopping Wedding Splurges

​7 Show-Stopping Wedding Splurges

Weddings have made a comeback and in a big way!  These events look very different than they did prior to 2020 but they are better than ever.  First and foremost, couples are opting for smaller and more intimate nuptials.  A smaller guest list means that couples can save some money on details like food, alcohol, favors, invitations, etc.  As a result, we’ve seen those same couples spending some of that savings on major splurges to truly ‘wow’ their guests.  Here is a list of some major splurges that we’ve seen (and love)…


1. Wow-factor experiences. Couples are incorporating special experiences for their guests such as micro-brewery tastings, whiskey tastings, pink champagne, cigar rolling stations, and customized menus.  We are also seeing specialty food trucks that serve unconventional wedding food items like oysters, gelato, hotdogs, and soft pretzels.  To top it off, we have even heard of a recent wedding that included free (real) tattoos for their guests!

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2. Gratitude for guests. Couples are their intimate events to show gratitude for their guests.  They are using custom decorations, tablecloths, personal notes, and gifts.

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3. Unconventional desserts.  Long gone are the days of giant wedding cakes.  Now, we are seeing single-tiered or individual cakes that can be served throughout the night as a treat or that can be sent home with guests to remember the event.

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4. Decked out tents.  As outside weddings continue to rise in popularity, so have elegant tents with dramatic lighting and ceiling décor.  Couples are opting for bigger dance floors, vintage furniture, expensive chairs, fine China, and farm tables.  Weddings now have an elevated look and ambiance.

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5. Paint the night.   While photography and videography are still the norm, couples have been hiring professional painters to paint scenes of their big day.  This splurge can be passed on as a family heirloom for generations to come.

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6. After hours.  Due to the pandemic, couples haven’t seen many of their guests in months – maybe even years.  To catch up on lost time, they are adding extra hours to their wedding and in many cases, weddings are becoming multi-day events.  It’s not that unusual for couples to provide food, open bar, live music and even transportation for 2-3 days.

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7. Late night surprises.  Couples have been sending their guests home with surprise and delight treats such as s’mores, pizza, and even breakfast gift cards for the next day.

Even though couples are splurging on a few wedding details, they are still being sensible when it comes to protecting their wedding budget.  Many of them are opting for wedding liability insurance.  This may come in handy while planning your wedding to protect you in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents, especially if you are holding your wedding in an unconventional location such as a park, beach or small restaurant. Many traditional venues require the purchase of this coverage as well. WedSafe is recommended by top wedding vendors and accepted by many thousands of reception venues across the country. Simply request a quote today at www.wedsafe.com.


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