​  ​​ 7 Wedding Rules That Have Completely Changed

7 Wedding Rules That Have Completely Changed

Toss everything that you thought you knew about weddings out the window!  The rules for planning a wedding have dramatically changed.   What was once a cookie cutter event has been completely turned upside down.  Now, weddings are far more creative, unique, and inspired.

Part of the shift occurred from 2010-2019, when we noticed that engaged couples were planning weddings to please themselves instead of to please their parents. Then from 2021 to the present day, after the pandemic separated many families and friends, we are noticing a shift towards weddings that are designed to please both wedding guests AND engaged couples.  Receptions have evolved into very special, unique, and fun reunifications of many loved ones.

Here are some of the wedding planning "rules" that have changed.

1.     Traditional registries have become extinct.  Long gone are the days when couples register for toaster ovens, fine China, crystal stemware and KitchenAid mixers.  Couples are having longer engagements and are getting married later in life, so their needs and priorities are different.  We're now seeing registries for honeymoon or furniture funds, home organization services (think Marie Kondo consultants), mountain bikes, camping gear, and even fun adventure add-ons like stand-up paddle boards.

2.     Favors have vanished.  We are no longer seeing the mini 'thank you' and farewell trinkets that couples used to hand out at the end of weddings.  Instead, many couples are opting to donate a monetary gift to a meaningful charity.  We've also seen couples hand out fun to-go bags with breakfast treats for the next day (think pastries or Starbucks gift cards) or wedding recovery kits (think Advil, gum and energy drinks).

3.     Sweatsuit exits are all the rage.  Comfort is now king and that's why it's quite common for couples to have multiple outfit changes during their wedding.  Brides are wearing a traditional gown for the ceremony, a show-stopping party outfit for the reception, and then a comfy sweatsuit for the send-off.  Another thankful change in wedding fashion is that many bridesmaids are now able to choose their own dress, which flatters their own body-type and personality.

4.     Wedding insurance costs less than a wedding cake!  The trend to insure weddings is growing as engaged couples become more educated about how to protect their wedding budgets.  From a sudden cancellation to a damaged gown, wedding insurance can help protect you against the unexpected.  On average, wedding insurance costs less than half the cost of the wedding cake.  Policies can start as low as $125, but average around $200.  So, what exactly does wedding insurance cover?

  • Sudden severe weather prevents your event or causes many of your guests to cancel. 
  • Your venue has gone out of business, but not before they cashed your deposit check. 
  • One of your wedding vendors such as the photographer, officiant or caterer fails to show up to your wedding but keeps your deposit.
  • Your ring bearer loses the ring while "practicing" his entrance.
  • Someone accidentally spills a glass of wine down the side of your antique wedding dress.
  • The rental company used to rent all of the tables, chairs and linens missed their scheduled delivery and turns out to be a no-show on the day of your wedding. 
  • Your reception hall can't honor your reservation because it has burned in a fire, experienced an electrical outage, or closed down. 

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5.     Purposefully blurry photos create drama.  Picture perfect has taken on a new meaning as professional photographers continue to push the envelope with wedding photography.  Some wedding photos are designed to be purposefully blurry.  They are elevated, sophisticated, and dramatic.

6.     Non-traditional meals comfort guests. From food trucks to s'mores, brick oven pizzas to taco bars, we are seeing fewer sit-down dinners than we did in years past.

7.     Wedding entertainment is multifaceted.  Couples are not just hiring DJs and bands.  They are also bonding with their guests through shared experiences such as outdoor games (think Cornhole, giant Jenga, Croquet, Bocce, and Shuffleboard), petting zoos, video game stations, live artists and fireworks.  When it comes to music, couples are genuinely thinking about their guests, and in some cases even asking guests to provide their favorite song on their RSVP response card.

What changes have you seen in weddings over the last few years?


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