​  ​​ 9 Huge Wedding Day Mishaps

9 Huge Wedding Day Mishaps

So here's the truth.  Mishaps do happen at weddings.  Yes, your big day will be amazing, but it can't possibly be flawless because well, things happen. In fact, I had quite a few mishaps occur at my wedding.  Here's my list:

  1. Guest Transportation - I hired 2 charter buses to drive my guests to and from all of the wedding festivities.  The buses cancelled the week before the wedding, and I had to quickly hire 2 school buses to get the job done.
  2. My Not-So Perfect Look - I chipped my front tooth the week before my wedding and thankfully was able to get that fixed.  Then I spent a lot of money to have a celebrity hair stylist do my hair.  He created the perfect wedding day style with my long wavy blonde locks.  It looked absolutely beautiful for the ceremony.  But then we decided to take pictures on a pier next to the ocean, and it was especially windy that day.  The salt water AND wind ruined my perfect Barbie doll hair.  
  3. The Weather - We had 90 degree weather and the air conditioning in our limo broke.  So after our ceremony, we had to switch over to a huge party bus.  That actually worked out for the better.

We’ve reached out to our 60,000 Facebook fans about their wedding mishaps.  These were our favorites...

  1. Best Man's Speech - “In his speech, our best man spoke about how my new husband and I broke up for a little!”
  2. Flower Power - “My florist also went bankrupt a week before the wedding and just closed up shop. We had to find a new one a week before our big day!”
  3. Bridal Party Snafu - “The groomsmen did not try on their tuxedo. The alterations were completely off.”
  4. Stop, Drop, and Roll - “Our wedding was in a newly built sanctuary at our old church and as we walked out one of the individual candles that lit the unity candle fell off the holder while still lit. Luckily the fire went out when it hit the floor!”
  5. Cake Frenzy - “A friend had their cake tip over and fall because no one had made sure the table was level.”
  6. Mishap Turned Into Cinderella Moment - “My dress was altered incorrectly 5 days before my wedding completely irreversible! I originally had a very inexpensive gown, but the owner felt so bad and gave me a $10,000 Lazaro dress for free.”

So while you're thinking about your big day, it's always a good idea to have a back up plan!  Consider protecting your investment with wedding insurance so you can have some peace of mind, too. 


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