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Top Beach Wedding Ideas

Many couples across the U.S. choose a romantic beach or waterfront location as the place to say their vows to their partner. If a natural setting like this is calling you, we have some ideas on how to carry your beach theme through to your ceremony, as well as ways to make your beach wedding more comfortable for your guests. Your wedding planner can assist you in researching permits, ordinances and accessibility for your beach or waterfront wedding.

Here are a few ideas to make your beach wedding unique and memorable for all.

  • Message in a Bottle - Present your guests with an empty wine bottle, pen and paper. Have them write a heartfelt note and then seal the bottle. Open all the bottles on your one-year anniversary, and enjoy some sweet reminiscing about your special day.
  • Candles and Lanterns - Set up lanterns at each row of seating at your ceremony, and use them liberally at your outdoor reception venue. As the sun sets and night falls, the scattering of fire-lit decorations will create a magical ambience for all to enjoy. Carry your lighting theme through to your reception tables by incorporating candles and mini-lanterns into your centerpieces for a warm and inviting glow.
  • Pop-up Venues – A popular trend sweeping the wedding industry is to create a pop-up venue for your ceremony, reception, or both. Easily transportable, these pop-ups come in all shapes and sizes and are usually much less costly than traditional wedding venues.
  • Nautical Touches – There are many ways to incorporate beach wedding ideas into all aspects of your ceremony and reception. You and your groom can present your rings to each other inside a shell ring holder that you craft yourselves. Shells, starfish and sand dollars can be incorporated into bouquets, invitations and placecards. Mini lighthouses can serve as the focal point for your centerpieces, while mini beach chairs can serve as your cake topper. For favors, consider giving each guest a beach towel with a nautical “thank you” note attached, or a small pail containing salt water taffy.
  • Sand Ceremony – You and your groom can build a special keepsake together as part of your ceremony that signifies uniting as a couple. Simply have sand on-hand in the colors of your wedding, and take turns pouring it into a clear keepsake box. You’ll have a unique and romantic memento of your ceremony to keep and look back on forever.
  • Shoe Check and Flip Flops – A thoughtful gesture for guests who attend a beach wedding ceremony with an indoor reception afterwards is to provide a place for guests to self-check shoes before going onto the sandy beach. Put a basketful of colorful flip-flops in a variety of sizes close by to wear instead. Provide a basketful of small paint brushes for guests to use to clear the sand from their feet after the ceremony. They’re sure to appreciate your extra-special thoughtfulness!
  • Photo Opportunities – One of the biggest advantages of a beach wedding is the many romantic moments your photographer can capture of you and your groom. Picture a candid shot of the two of you walking hand-in-hand along the beach in your wedding wear. Or a romantic silhouette of you and your groom against the backdrop of a glowing sunset. A sweet kiss captured by water’s edge shows just how you two feel about the start of your new life together. Perhaps you prefer some shots that are a little more artistic, such as a high shot of you and your groom encircled by a heart drawn in the sand underneath your feet. Or a shot of you and your groom reflected in a pair of sunglasses lying on the sand. There’s no limit to the number of amazing shots that can be taken when you choose a beach as your wedding venue.

​Keep your overall budget in mind, as costs may fluctuate depending on the season in which you want to get married. One item you’ll definitely want to build into your budget for a beach or waterfront location is wedding insurance from WedSafe. You’ll help protect yourself and your finances in the event of venue or vendor cancellations, bankruptcies, theft, damage, unforeseen sickness or poor weather. Get a no-cost, no-obligation quote today!



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