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99% of purchasers would recommend WedSafe to a friend*

"Thank you so much for your assistance. I chose your company in the end solely because of your great customer service."

– Rickey, Vallejo, California

"I would like to express my appreciation to your organization for the professional and friendly service provided to me and my family. Each time we called everyone was pleasant, helpful and had a solid knowledge of your business.

"Many of the companies we contacted treated us less than professionally because they knew if we didn't get the insurance our event would not take place. Your company supplied quick responses and we were set. Thanks for being a company that believes in customer service and supplies it."

-- Erin, Carlsbad, CA

"I decided to get wedding insurance because I am making such a huge financial investment in the event, and it makes me feel better about the whole thing to know that if something goes wrong for some reason I will be able to enjoy it anyway."

– Malia, Los Angeles, CA

"I was influenced by my cousin Annette's wedding. She got married in northern NJ the day after hurricane Floyd. It could have been a disaster."

– Mary, New York, NY

"I was really prompted to buy insurance when rolling blackouts occurred in California. When I visited the reception hall a few months before the big event, there was a sign posted that the facility would be closed in event of a blackout. Well, that was the day I bought insurance. I still worried what might happen if the facility closed, but felt relief we would be covered for financial loss."

– Andrea, Sacramento, CA

"We purchased WedSafe insurance because we were having the rehearsal dinner at a private residence, an individual's weekend home. We needed liability coverage for this event."

– Marcia, Madison, MS

"The rising cost of weddings has put added stress on military weddings. With deployments being made and cancelled due to world actions, the military bride and groom have greater stress than a nonmilitary wedding. WedSafe helps them have some security that they will not cause financial loss for their families if they are detained serving our country."

– Kay, Columbia, MD

"This was my second wedding, and I had my first honeymoon blown away by a hurricane. Plus, my brother wound up suing the DJ at his reception because he showed up 1 hour late. Another friend wound up suing their hall because they didn't have enough food and didn't serve the main course until 10 p.m. when the party ended 11 p.m. We just got married three weeks ago, and I just found out today that my photographer has decided he is going to close up shop in the near future. We don't even have our proofs yet!! Thank God we have this policy! I'm hoping that with any luck we won't have to use it. But it's nice to have it to fall back on."

– Laurie & Scott, Edison, NJ

"For the cost of our wedding, we could have bought a nice car. We'd never drive around a new car without insurance. Why would we plan our wedding without insuring it?"

– Jennifer, Avon, CT

"My decision was based on weather. We had an expensive wedding planned for the middle of January and 90% of the people were from out of state."

– Barry, Baltimore, MD

*Based on responses of 1750 WedSafe purchasers surveyed March 31, 2008 – September 28, 2009.


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