​  ​​ During Covid, 5 Most Expensive Wedding Planning Mistakes
During Covid, 5 Most Expensive Wedding Planning Mistakes

Congratulations on your engagement!  During normal circumstances, planning a wedding can be challenging.  When you layer in the Covid-19 pandemic, things become even more complicated.  Here is a list of common mistakes that WedSafe has curated to help you plan your wedding during this unprecedented time.

  1. Don’t forget to be realistic. Our world is different right now.  While you may have spent most of your life dreaming about a certain type of wedding, it’s healthier at this point to have an open mind about what is actually possible to accomplish for your big day.  And while that might sound gloomy to some people, it’s important to recognize that there are actually some positive changes that have come with all of this.  In 2021, weddings tend to be more focused on close family, true friends, special details and special moments.

  2. Don’t forget to carefully consider your guest list. Venues have stricter limits on the number of people that they will allow at your event.  So, you will need to carefully go through your guest list.  To figure out who is in and who is out, ask yourself things like:

    • Have you talked to this person in the last year?
    • Do you have a personal or family connection with this person?
    • Do you spend time with this person outside of work?
    • Is this someone you would buy dinner for?
    • Do they know your partner’s name?
    • Will they make your wedding more fun?
    • Is this someone your parents would want there?

  3. Don’t book a vendor without reading their terms and conditions. Find out exactly what each vendor’s policies are regarding postponement, cancellation, or guest list reduction.  And is there a charge for any of these things?   Do the consequences change if these contractual revisions are triggered by you, them, or the government?

  4. Don’t forget to update your guests about date, venue and other important changes.  To help you do this, create a wedding website that you can easily update and that guests can check often.

  5. Don’t forget to foster a safe and comfortable environment for your guests. Remember to create appropriate spacing between guests and include extra details like hand sanitizer stations and printed safety guidelines.

Finally, do remember that the most important part of the wedding has not changed.  In other words, you are marrying your true love and that’s what matters.  The details of your big day may be different than what you imagined but the love that you share together has not.  No matter what, your big day will be special and memorable.


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