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List of Fall Wedding Ideas

Why has fall become such a popular season for weddings? Warm colors, cooling temperatures and lower humidity, and beautiful scenery are just some of the many reasons couples choose September and October to say their I-do’s. Fall is a time of celebration; a time of harvest and bounty. There are many possible wedding themes for fall. Start your search by looking through fall magazines, or with Pinterest, Etsy, and other popular online sites.

Tons of inspiration can be gained from fall, including rustic centerpieces, fall-themed favors, and warm and inviting color palettes. Here are a handful of fall wedding ideas that you may just fall in love with!

Bride's hands holding a winter-inspired bouquet 

Use Leaves, Pine Cones and other Natural Materials
Foliage is a big part of the season and it brings a blanket of colorful beauty to the landscape, so why not introduce natural beauty as part of your fall wedding theme? Delicious shades of crimson, orange, and gold showcase themselves in the fall. Why not incorporate these colors into your decorations, centerpieces, invitations, bouquets, dresses, and more? For an eco-friendly touch, consider recycling fallen leaves, spray paint and scatter them over the aisle at your ceremony or on tabletops at your reception. Surround candle-lit lanterns with pine cones and other natural materials for a warm, cozy touch. Avoid using berries in your décor, as many are poisonous.

Bride and bridesmaids with fall-inpsired bouquet 

Choose Jewel Tones
More fall wedding ideas involve selecting one or several jewel-toned accents and using them throughout your wedding theme. Bundle colors together to create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Or choose one main color such as burgundy to make a strong statement. Use burgundy candles, glassware or table linens, accented with gold or silver metallics for an elegant and festive look. Other fall colors you may want to consider include eggplant, hunter green, burnt orange, and deep topaz. Carry through your theme to your wedding program, favors and place cards, and use the colors and symbols of the season for a complete fall look.

White pumpkin among late fall-inspired table decorations 

Harvest Ideas
Fall brings a bounty of local, in-season produce, which can be used to inspire menu ideas, your color theme and even decorations. You can even boast a farm-to-table menu, feature local, sustainable wines, and more. For DIY brides, you can create clean and simple wheat centerpieces, tied with a festive bow to mark your season of celebration. Fall offers a great variety of colors, textures and décor from which to choose. Your challenge will be narrowing down your fall wedding ideas to achieve the exact look and feel you want.

Arbor decorated with apples and pears for fall-inspired wedding 

Apples and Pears
Have you thought about the many creative ways you can use in-season fruits to enhance the look of your fall wedding? You could use apples to hold place cards, give out caramel apples as a favor, or incorporate them into centerpieces. Pears can be spray-painted gold and illuminated by tea light candles for an elegant look. Perhaps a pear or apple-themed drink becomes your signature cocktail, or part of a served dessert tart.

​There are endless wedding themes for fall, and endless ideas to enhance your fall wedding! Be sure to find us on Facebook and visit us on Pinterest for thousands more.

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