​  ​​ How to Stand Out and Justify High Prices

How to Stand Out and Justify High Prices

It’s not a secret that weddings have changed in 2020, and they will continue to look different in 2021. As weddings become smaller and more minimalistic, it has become especially challenging for wedding vendors to stand out and justify higher prices. The good news is we are seeing that engaged couples that opt for micro weddings often pull out all of the stops. They still need vendors, and they want them to be top notch. So, here is a list of tips to help you get in front of that type of prospective customer and to help them choose you

  1. Know your strengths. Every photographer has their own style. Every wedding planner has they own flair. Every celebrant adds their own special touch. What is exceptional about your wedding services? Think about that and focus on it. Know what you’re good at and play that up. Be confident about your unique talents. Remember that there’s a reason why you chose this profession and don’t lose sight of that. Know it. Work it. Own it!
  2. Introduce yourself as the expert. Whether it’s in an email or in your phone conversation, always communicate two to three reasons why you are a trusted expert in your field. To help reinforce this idea, consider publishing a free resource to demonstrate your expertise. You can do this on social media or write a blog post.
  3. Show that you are going above and beyond. Demonstrate excellence in every way that you can. Some examples include taking Covid precautions, studying the latest wedding trends, and delivering exceptional customer service.
  4. Build trust and credibility. Especially during uncertain times, clients need to feel safe and vendors need to be trusted. Make a list of the safety precautions that your business is taking and emphasize them across your marketing materials. Update the photos on your website to show that you are incorporating social distancing and masks into your sales approach and services. You can partner with local wedding photographers to obtain these images, and be sure to give them credit for their work. Another way to build trust and credibility with your clients is to help them protect their wedding investment. Wedding Liability Insurance, often required by many venues, protects clients in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents. WedSafe is recommended by top wedding vendors and accepted by many thousands of reception venues across the country. Clients can simply request a quote at www.wedsafe.com
  5. High-end marketing results in high-end prices. If your marketing looks premium, they engaged couples will believe that your services will be premium. And that will help you to charge the prices that you deserve.
  6. The proof is in the… Reach out to previous clients to get reviews. Share them on social media and on your website.
  7. Talk about your calendar. Scarcity of product drives prices up. Let engaged couples that you don’t have a ton of availability, and they might just want to hire you more!
  8. There still is a lot of room for wedding businesses to bounce back and grow in 2021. While it’s important for vendors to adapt their offerings, many of the recommended and successful communication practices remain steady from year to year.


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