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Liability Insurance for Home-Based Wedding Vendors

Do you provide catering, flowers, music, photography and other individual services to a bride and groom-to-be? Or, are you a full-time wedding planner?

If something should go wrong during preparations, set-up, clean-up or on the big day itself, you could leave yourself vulnerable to a costly lawsuit. Imagine these scenarios:

  • A wedding guest trips on your band’s electrical cords, falls and breaks her ankle, and holds you responsible…
  • Food you’ve prepared for an outdoor wedding spoils and many guests fall ill…
  • One of the centerpieces you’ve crafted featuring flowers and candles tips over during the reception, causing fire damage to the wedding venue…
  • You’re an event planner, and one of your employees accidentally hits someone with their car while dropping off supplies for the reception… 

No matter how careful you are, things can (and do) go wrong with wedding services. Which leaves you vulnerable to being sued. Now it’s easy to help protect yourself, your business, and your reputation against liability claims that arise from your home-based wedding business; claims which you may otherwise be legally obligated to pay.

​This program is brought to you by K&K Insurance Group, the administrator of the WedSafe program. K&K is a leading provider of sports, leisure and entertainment insurance products for over 60 years. Their programs for select home-based wedding vendors provide coverage options designed to protect you against bodily injury and/or property damage claims. Eligible businesses include:

  • Wedding planners
  • Caterers, photographers, videographers (single event coverage only)
  • Decorators
  • Florists
  • DJ’s and KJ’s
  • Musicians, singers, vocalists
  • Bands
  • Photo booth owner/operators

Commercial General Liability coverage starts at $1,000,000 for each occurrence, with higher limits available. Coverage may also include medical payments and medical expense features, plus optional Equipment and Contents coverage, and more. You’re also covered for damage to premises rented to you. 

It’s easy and affordable to help protect yourself and your home-based wedding business against the threat of lawsuits. Find out more today!​

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