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Top Outdoor Wedding Venues

Many brides and grooms today choose to hold their ceremonies outside of a traditional church setting. They’re opting instead for natural settings for their outdoor weddings, as they provide a beautiful backdrop for pictures and video, and a location that’s a little more unique and memorable for their guests. Here are some of the most innovative ideas for outdoor wedding venues.

Bride and two bridesmaids in yellow dresses smiling on dock at waterside wedding 

Waterside Wedding
Many couples get married at outdoor wedding venues that feature water. This could be as simple as holding your ceremony near a bubbling fountain or swimming pool, lakeside or by the ocean. Water is fresh, inviting, and invigorating and can even provide a calming influence to nervous brides and grooms. Other couples wish to honor it in their ceremony because it holds special meaning and memories such as a first-date pool party, a fun day paddle-boating, or a beachside proposal. Holding your ceremony in a location that features water means you’ll have some amazing pictures to look back on for years to come. Your photographer is sure to have some outstanding ideas involving staging your photos and using lighting should you choose to go this route.

Newly married couple posing in front of dinosour fossil at their museum wedding 

Museum Wedding
Long thought of as a place to display fine art, traveling exhibitions, artifacts and the like, many museums today are opening their doors and grounds to hosting outdoor weddings, and sometimes the receptions that follow. You and your groom may have a particular fondness for a certain historical period, or for a certain style of art. Why not get married in a location that echoes your love for it? Your pictures are bound to be unique. You and your guests may be able to enjoy a private tour of the grounds afterwards, browse exhibitions inside, or even enjoy your cocktail hour and reception there.

Newly married couple kissing at their outdoor venue by a castle on the coast 

Castle Wedding Venues
Few outdoor weddings are as magnificent as those held on the grounds of a castle! Royal, regal and the perfect backdrop for a fairy-tale wedding, many areas of the country have castles, large estates, and mansions available for rent for your special day. Imagine arriving for your ceremony dressed in your wedding gown, in a horse-drawn carriage. With history and nature at your fingertips, your photographer will take some amazing pictures of you, your family and your bridal party, inside and outside this breathtaking venue. Hold your ceremony on the veranda, in a perfectly landscaped tea garden, or on the manicured front lawn. Then head inside for a reception that’s fit for a king and queen. Rich woods, elegant staircases, large fireplaces and more will have you feeling like royalty, long after your last guest departs.

Fish in aquarium at a reception venue 

Aquarium Wedding
Do you and your groom love marine life? Why not make this the main theme of your wedding? You’ll be sure to have many fond memories when choosing an aquarium setting for your venue. Guests of all ages will enjoy this unique ceremony setting, almost as much as the two of you. Imagine being surrounded by walls of stunning sea life as you say your I do’s. If the venue is willing, stay indoors or head outside the venue for your reception, where you and your guests can party, dine and dance long into the night, right alongside your new under-the-sea friends!

Beautiful bride and groom watching the sunset over the ocean 

Beach Wedding
Whether here in the U.S. or at an exotic destination abroad, more couples than ever are choosing to get married on the beach. If you and your groom have a special connection to it, you may want to choose a beach as your ultimate venue. You’ll have some special considerations such as your gown and train length, hairstyle, and more, but an experienced wedding planner can help you work out all the details for this romantic venue. Some of the most stunning wedding images you’ll see have been taken at beach destinations, and you won’t need a whole lot of extra decorations to enhance the space. Guests can enjoy some extra vacation time before or after, making the beach a #1 favorite in destination weddings for brides and grooms.

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