​  ​​ Spring Wedding Ideas

Top 6 Spring 2017 Wedding Ideas

Spring weddings are absolutely magical. The sunshine, the blooms and the fresh scent of spring air add a touch of innocence and elegance to a couple's special day. It's a wonderful time of year to say "I do" and there are many ways you can create the perfect one-of-a-kind spring wedding. Start with some of the top spring wedding ideas here.

  1. Go green
    Spring is the perfect time to go green! Eco-friendly wedding themes are perfect for this time of year and are definitely on-trend. Go beyond flowers and add natural greenery to your decorating scheme. It will instantly create a fresh-feeling and looking fairytale setting that will leave everyone in awe.
  2. Showcase the outdoors
    Mother Nature puts on quite the show during the spring months. Celebrate your big day in natural elegance by selecting an outdoor venue such as an elegantly landscaped backyard, a park, ranch or vineyard. The atmosphere is sure to be both serene and romantic.
  3. Have a backup plan – just in case
    April showers, May thunderstorms, and other unforeseen weather events can pop-up at any time in the spring. Safeguard your special day by having backup plans ready for your outdoor ceremony or reception location. If you don’t need it, that’s great, but if you do, you and your wedding vendors will be ready.
  4. Forget April showers
    If the thought of rain on your wedding day is too much for you to consider an outdoor wedding, the next best thing is to bring the outdoors in. Try potted flowers, bushes and trees to create your own indoor garden. A flower and moss wall plus a few string lights add stunning ambiance and help you create an outdoor feeling while inside.
  5. Use decor in new ways
    Favorite youthful activities can inspire your spring wedding decor perfectly. For example, use watering cans to showcase flowers instead of vases. Hang colorful kites high above to add visual interest to your reception space. Seed packets tied with a pretty bow or small potted herbs make great favors for guests.
  6. Explore and be inspired
    Perhaps the best way to create the wedding of your dreams is to explore what other couples are doing and flag the ideas you like best. Get more wedding inspiration by searching online, looking at social media wedding sites, a​nd seeking advice from friends and family.

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