​  ​​ Top 15 Micro-Wedding Trends
Top 15 Micro-Wedding Trends
Micro-weddings are more popular than ever due to Covid-19 restrictions and limitations.  These intimate celebrations usually include less than 50 guests and can be formal or casual.  They often include many of the traditional wedding details but on a smaller scale.  Here are the major trends that we are seeing for these special events…

  1. More Quality Time.  These smaller, intimate events are giving couples the chance to spend more quality time with the nearest and dearest people in their lives. In some cases, these events last a few hours and in other cases they take place over an entire weekend.
  2. Personalized Details.  A smaller scaled event allows for more personalized touches like signage, food options, and decor that really show off a couple’s personality and interests.
  3. A Splurge or Two.  Micro-weddings are often less expensive than larger, traditional weddings.  As a result, couples have been choosing to splurge on a few of the details.  They might indulge on a five-course meal, on the entertainment, or even on the favors.
  4. Essential Wedding Vendors.  It is possible to cut corners on smaller weddings BUT couples are realizing that there are certain vendors that they should absolutely not skimp on.  Some of those include but are not limited to a photographer, officiant, caterer, and florist.
  5. Unique Locations.  A backyard wedding can be less expensive and provide a sentimental feel that no other location can create.  Couples are also taking advantage of smaller guest lists, which allow for a wider selection of non-traditional venue options like art galleries, small restaurants, beaches, beautiful parks or arboretums. 
  6. Wedding Liability Insurance.  This may come in handy while planning your micro-wedding to protect you in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents, especially if you are holding your wedding in an unconventional location such as a park, beach or small restaurant. Many traditional venues require the purchase of this coverage as well. WedSafe is recommended by top wedding vendors and accepted by many thousands of reception venues across the country. Simply request a quote today at www.wedsafe.com. 
  7. Tents and Décor.  Adding a tent can provide some shelter from weather, but it can also help define the reception space, making it clear where dancing, food, and drinks are taking place. 
  8. Lighting.  Adding lighting to a backyard space can create a dramatic, elegant and whimsical backdrop.  You can add strings of twinkle lights in the trees to add some romance. Lanterns, tall candles, or votive candles can also be elegantly arranged on the tables.
  9. Florals.  You can never have enough flowers at a wedding. A garden is ideal, but if that’s not available, you can also bring flowers to the venue. Couples are adding garlands to gazebos, chair aisles, tables and walkways. 
  10. More Elaborate Invitations.  Since invitation quantities are smaller, many couples are opting for invitations at a higher price point that include a wow-factor like boxes, laser-cuts, foils, pockets and wax seals.
  11. Beautiful Decorations.  Floral or balloon wedding arches are very popular backdrops right now for both ceremonies and intimate afterparties.  
  12. Live Music.  Since dancing is not always possible right now, couples are rethinking their entertainment options. Many are opting for a live concert-style reception. 
  13. No More Sharing!  For both cocktail hours and seated dinners, caterers are providing individual plates and cones instead of charcuterie boards, buffets, and family-style meals.
  14. Individual Cakes.  For safety reasons and to add a special touch, couples have been serving individual wedding cakes. These are either placed at a seated dinner or sent home as a treat at the end of the party.
  15. Rethinking Favors.  Couples are personalizing masks and hand sanitizer with their initials, logo, and/or wedding date and handing them out as favors.
It’s exciting to watch wedding trends change and evolve over the years.  In this new era of micro-weddings, one thing has not changed.  Weddings are still extraordinary, special and memorable events.


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