​  ​​ Top 15 Wedding Predictions for 2023

​Top 15 Wedding Predictions for 2023

We have seen more changes in wedding trends over the last two years than we had in the previous twenty years.  This is such an exciting time for weddings as they are revamped and hyper-personalized.  As many couples are opting to skip wedding traditions from years past, we are excited to see new trends emerge.

We have partnered with WedSafe, your wedding insurance specialists, and asked BridalTweet's audience of 23,000 wedding enthusiasts to share the top trends that they're seeing in the areas of venues, decor, food, ambiance and more.  Scroll down to find out what's hot and what's not for 2023!

1.  Creative Photo Booths.  "Fun, unique, creative Photo Booth opportunities for guests! Our Magnus Frame Backdrop was used as one here."  Laura of Violet Vintage Rentals, Indianapolis, Indiana

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2.  Outside Seating.  "Alfresco Dining and Organic Design." - Mary Noble of Bright Event Rentals

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3.  Historical Venues.  "In terms of venues, in previous years there was a big interest in villas, restaurants, everything beach front. Based on inquiries for 2023, we are seeing a shift here. Most of our clients are looking for historical venues, mostly forts that are not beach front but offer a breathtaking view." - Irma of Tie The Knot Croatia

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4.  Lab Grown Diamonds.  "One trend this year that is more popular than ever before is lab grown diamond engagement rings. This trend is up 1000% only compare to last year alone. With the lab grown diamond, customers can get a much larger and higher quality for a less expensive price compare to a natural diamond. Also, lab grown diamonds are more eco friendly." - Nic from Diamond Exchange Houston

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5.  Micro-Packaged Weddings. "Couples are downsizing and want to purchase a wedding package with everything neatly bought together including the venue, the stylist, the florist, the cake maker and then a great photographer to capture those intimate moments." - E-Lope

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6.  Multi-day Destination Weddings. "In 2023 we are seeing an even bigger interest in these types of weddings.  Destination weddings aren't a one-day event anymore. They are becoming a multiday experience, filled with activities, fieldtrips, parties etc. In previous years we didn't have a lot of clients that booked additional services to plan pre and post wedding events, while now it became almost a must.  And with smaller guest list (ranging from 20 to the maximum of 80), their celebration of love is more than just a party, it's an experience for everyone." - Irma of Tie The Knot Croatia

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7.  Details. "The trend I personally love is that everything is personalized. From pictures of the couple with friends and family all over the venue or ceremony spot, personalized backdrops, fans, signs to personalized fashion items for the bride and groom." - Irma of Tie The Knot CroatiaA person in a suit and tie    Description automatically generated with low confidence

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8. Grazing Tables & Charcuterie Boards.  "Couples are choosing sprawling grazing tables and elegantly arranged charcuterie boards to give their guests something to nibble on during cocktail hour. Serving elevated finger foods that double as a gorgeous display allows for an interactive experience and gives guests their pick of snacks while they wait for the reception to officially kick off." - Jessica Bishop, founder of TheBudgetSavvyBride.com

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9.  Flowers to Wear.  "Floral suspenders and flowers to wear are becoming extra popular. For both the ladies and the men!!" - Blossom and Bee Floral & Event Design

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10.  Flower Guys.  "Since we focus on couples who want a highly innovative, non-traditional enjoyable ceremony, this year I have witnessed an explosion of Flower Guys in wedding ceremony processions instead of the young, cute flower girls.  Amongst what I have experienced are middle-aged, pudgy guys dancing along while throwing petals from their fanny packs, 30-something men whimsically waltzing down the aisle to full theatrical effect, a 88 year-old, 5 foot tall grand-father who amazed the guests with his animated entrance – so much so that we had to get him to stop performing and to take his front row seat, and Elvis bestowing a flower stalk to each woman sitting at the end of the rows and even selecting some to dance with him in the aisle, including the Mothers of the Bride and Groom." - Lynne & Keith - Exceptional Ceremonies Celebrants & Officiants

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11.  Remembering Guests Who Are Not Present. - "With COVID, I was seeing couples remembering not just the departed, but those who were unable to attend due to health or travel restrictions.  Last year fewer of the couples I worked with wanted to include any remembrances at all.  I think this was a form of 'grief fatigue'.  Now the tide seems to be turning back to including remembrances.  The topic itself is a challenging one.  Weddings, by their nature are happy, joyful events." - Rev. Rob Hundley of www.revrob.net

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12.  Killer Views.  "With more and more brides and grooms seeking unique venues .. more and more views are being seen .. don't kill the view .. design a way to enhance what the guest will be looking at!" - Kim Brannan of Stems Florist

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13.  Unique Wedding Invitation Boxes.  "I am getting more and more requests for my musical wedding invitation boxes.  Imagine the surprise of your guests receiving a gorgeous gift box in the mail and their delight when they remove the beautiful ribbon, lift the lid, and music plays – your own personal theme song!" - Joanne of https://www.musicboxinvites.com/

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14. Luxurious Honeymoons.  "I am seeing more exotic and luxurious honeymoons being requested.  This is a photo of a bride riding a bicycle to get to her over water bungalow at the St. Regis in Bora Bora." - Mindy of My Vacation Lady

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15. Protecting Your Big Day.  Did you know that for less than half the cost of an average wedding cake, you can protect your big day? Wedding Liability Insurance, often required by many venues, protects you in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents. WedSafe is recommended by top wedding vendors and accepted by many thousands of reception venues across the country. With WedSafe, it's affordable, easy and fast!  Simply request a quote today at www.wedsafe.com and enjoy a wedding without worries.

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What wedding trends are you seeing today?  Please comment below.


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