​  ​​ Unique Ways to Entertain Your Guests

6 Incredibly Unique Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Now more than ever, wedding receptions are a special opportunity for guests to escape the seriousness of the world, and to reunite with friends and family that they haven't seen in a while.  What's new is that couples are now incorporating unique and fun ways to entertain their loved ones at these special events.  It can no longer be assumed that dancing and music will be the focal point of the party.  Here are some new, fun, and very creative entertainment ideas that I've been seeing at weddings

  • Outdoor Games.  With the rise of outdoor weddings comes less formal but more fun entertainment options.  I've been seeing a mix of outdoor games like Cornhole, giant Jenga, Croquet, Bocce, Shuffleboard and even Axe Throwing.  Offering a mix of outdoor game options gives guests a chance to move around and interact with each other in a fun way.

  • Petting Zoos.  Animals have a magical way of bringing calmness and joy to people.  Pony rides and visits from alpacas, bunnies or goats are another creative way to make a wedding unique.  If you go this route, don't forget to include hand sanitizer stations near the entertainment!
  • Fireworks.  Whether they are displayed in the middle of an event or at the end, fireworks make a big statement.  Couples have been hiring specialized vendors to safely put on these magnificent shows and to add to their event's grandeur.
  • Video Game Stations.    Couples can now offer retro or modern game stations to their guests.  When I heard this, my first instinct was that video games might make a party less social.  However, having a few retro Pinball or Pac-Man machines could be a good way to add to the event's mix of fun activities.  
  • Performers.  Whether it's a magician, professional dancers, or a comedian, these entertainers are a great way to make an event truly stand out.  They add to the 'fun night out' vibe that we have all missed over the last few years.
  • Artists.  Sending guests home with a custom portrait is another great way to make a wedding truly memorable.  Couples have been hiring caricaturists and painters to add to the fun of their big day.

Important Tip - When providing unique experiences for your guests, check with your insurance company to make sure activities are covered under your liability insurance plan. Some types of entertainment may be excluded. Be sure to ask your vendors if they can provide proof of insurance coverage as well. 


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