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How to Plan an Affordable Honeymoon

Budgeting for your wedding is one thing, but how much thought have you put into planning and budgeting for your honeymoon? Since most honeymoons are taken right after the big day, you’ll want to talk over what you want to do in advance to help keep your budget goals in line. Here’s a list of affordable U.S. honeymoon destinations and a few factors and tips to keep in mind that will help keep your trip affordable.

25 Affordable U.S. Honeymoon Destinations

Cannon Beach, OR
Cape Cod, MA
Charleston, SC
Charlottesville, VA
Gatlinburg, TN
Jackson Hole, WY
Kennebunkport, ME
Key West, FL
Lake Tahoe, CA/NV
Las Vegas, NV
Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Monterey, CA
New Orleans, LA
Outer Banks, NC
Portland, ME
Puerto Rico
Rocky Mountains, CO
Saint Augustine, FL
San Diego, CA
San Juan Island, WA
Santa Barbara, CA
Sedona, AZ
Sonoma, CA
Stowe, VT
Taos, NM

Location, Location, Location
Where you decide to honeymoon plays a huge part in your budget. The more exotic the location, the more money you’ll spend – unless you’re having a destination wedding or happen to live close by.  

Decide on the “type” of honeymoon that best suits your interests. If you both prefer a relaxing beach getaway, but don’t want the expense of say Fiji or Tahiti, find a U.S. location that offers similar amenities at a lower cost, or locate an all-inclusive resort. You may even consider a cruise, as many are relatively inexpensive, are all-inclusive, and you can visit many ports or countries in a single week.

If you’re both history-seekers and want to honeymoon in Europe, take advantage of websites such as Groupon or Travelzoo which feature discounted rates at hotels.

Another important item to consider is the local currency. In places like Thailand, you get much more for an American dollar than you would in Hawaii, for example. A week of accommodations and meals in Thailand may be less expensive than Hawaii, so researching currency exchange is always helpful if you’re considering going abroad.

You may also want to consider a location that’s experiencing its off-season, as this will also help you save money.

How Long You Stay & Your Accommodations
With a traditional honeymoon, the longer you stay, the costlier it will typically be. More nights, more meals and drinks, and more sightseeing trips all add up to a more expensive honeymoon. There are exceptions, however. A seven-day camping trip should be much more affordable than a week-long luxury cruise. If you’re doing it yourself, be sure to research accommodations and airfares well in advance. Sign up for price alerts on flights. Consider B&B’s, as well as online property rental sites, as well as the fancy hotels. With so many wedding details to contend with at the same time, you might want to work with a travel agent, as they may know of the best, most affordable deals to get the best bang for your buck.

Your Honeymoon Registry
Services like Honeyfund, and many others, let a couple use their registry as a place to get help paying for their dream honeymoon. A friend or family member can purchase an excursion or dinner reservations as their gift to you, or simply gift money towards your overall cost. While a little unconventional, sites like these continue to grow in popularity. Many couples live together or already own their homes prior to the big day, and a gift toward their honeymoon is the perfect way to celebrate their marriage.

Stay-Cation. Stay-Moon.  
Many people assume a honeymoon is a large trip to an exotic location, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, by staying local, you can create just as many romantic memories as you can by going away. Pick your favorite spot, and you’ll save on airfare, whether it be a local beach town an hour’s drive away, or a quiet spot in the mountains where you and your significant other spent your first weekend away. If the trip has special meaning for you both, that’s what will make it a dream honeymoon!

Credit Card Points and Frequent Flyer Miles
The credit card that’s come in handy while planning your wedding could also help with your honeymoon. Many cards offer frequent flyer miles or a percentage of points/cash back per dollar spent, which you can use towards airfare and hotel for your honeymoon. Rewards sites through your credit card may also offer specials on flights and hotels, depending on the destination and time of year. Use the card again, along with your accrued points, and you’ll keep gaining rewards!

Use Your Bragging Rights
As a newlywed, there’s a small window where bragging can absolutely save you money. Be sure to let your flight attendants, hotel staff, and waiters know that you just got married – you’ll be surprised at the reaction, and may enjoy some extra perks. Your hotel may upgrade you to a nicer suite, or book you free dinner reservations. Your flight attendant may give you some complimentary in-flight drinks. Those little things can really add up!

During wedding planning, it may feel like the budgeting part never ends, but if you plan things the right way, you can save money while enjoying the honeymoon of your dreams.

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