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How to Plan a Small, Intimate Wedding

Whether you’re the kind of bride who likes all the bells and whistles of a traditional wedding, or a low-key one who doesn’t enjoy all the frills or attention, this article will be useful if you’re planning a small and intimate celebration. Here are a few guidelines on how to plan a small wedding when it comes to your guest list, wedding party, venue, catering, and decorations.

When putting together an intimate event, our advice can help make your small wedding memorable, and more affordable, without having to cut too many corners.

Your Guest List
The number of guests will be one of the costliest elements of your wedding. You will be paying per person at most venues, and need to assure catering allows for enough food and drink for your guests. Keeping your guest list short will not only help you save money, it will allow you more time to spend with each guest. Fewer guests also means more time for you and your groom to dance!

Your Wedding Party
We’re not exactly sure when it became fashionable to have 8-10 bridesmaids/ushers in your wedding party, but if you’re having a small wedding, keep your wedding party size in proportion. A good rule of thumb is no more than one bridesmaid/usher for every 25 guests; less if you like. Your wedding party should be those few best friends or family members who are closest to you. 

Your Venue & Decorations
Some brides feel pressured to include every trendy element in their wedding or may be inclined to over-decorate. Why not sit back and think about what you really want? If you prefer a small park, gallery or museum in your hometown instead of a lavish beachfront wedding hall, go for it. If you prefer to make your own centerpieces out of photos instead of paying for flowers, go for that too. Rely on the natural beauty of your venue and the personal touch you put into creating your own decorations. Simple ideas like these will not only be cost-effective, they’ll make your event more personal and symbolic to you as a couple.

Whether your wedding is big or small, it’s celebrating two lives coming together, followed by a party! So stick to the basics. Your friends and family are there to celebrate the two of you, and sometimes, food, drinks, cake, and good music are all it takes to have one of the best and most memorable nights of your life.

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