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How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

The average American wedding today costs around $26,645. While a big and important day, that’s a lot of money to spend! No wonder more brides, grooms and their families look for smart ways to save on wedding expenses. Here are some simple tips to hosting a wedding on a budget, plus some budget wedding ideas to make your event more affordable. Your wedding can still be unforgettable, while keeping a budget in mind.

It may sound obvious, but start your wedding planning with a definite dollar figure in mind. How much will the bride, groom and their families be contributing financially? Then, make a list of all of the expenses you anticipate. This way, you’ll be able to prioritize what’s most important to you, and where you may be able to cut some corners to save some money. Start thinking of ways to save money, beginning with these budget wedding ideas.

Purple flowers and  

Day of the Week
Most venues charge a premium rate for Saturday evening events. Consider holding your reception at another time or day, such as Friday evening or Sunday, and you may be able to save a substantial amount of money on your reception – one of the most expensive items in your budget.

Florist wrapping a small bouquet of pink roses with lace 

Reception Centerpieces
A simple idea to save money is to repurpose your bridesmaid’s bouquets as centerpieces, for either the head table or for guest tables. If you plan to do this, make sure your color choices for the bouquets blend in well with the rest of the decor. For guest tables, consider a DIY arrangement using candles of different heights, accented by a few flowers and rose petals.

Small jars of thank-you gifts at wedding 

DIY Favors and DIY Bridal Party Gifts
Thanking your guests for attending the ceremony and thanking your bridal party for all of their help and support doesn’t need to be expensive. Check out Pinterest for tons of ideas about DIY favors and DIY bridal party gifts. For guests, you can buy favors online in bulk quantities and save a lot of money.

Taupe save-the-date cards, two wedding bands, and a bouquet of flowers 

Special Talents
Friends and family members may have special talents and would probably love to help out. Maybe you have a talented musician, part-time caterer or amateur photographer in the family. Or artistic friends who can design your bouquets or invitations. You can also find services like this on websites such as Etsy. Enlisting the help of friends and family to contribute their talents to your special day makes your day even more personal, and can significantly reduce your wedding expenses.

Bride holding up her dress to show off her shoes next to her bouquet 

Wedding Attire
You may be able to achieve the look you want with your bridal gown and save a significant amount of money by taking advantage of store clearance sales, choosing a prior year’s style or even browsing second-hand shops for traditional or vintage wedding dresses. You could even hire an expert tailor to update your mother’s wedding gown or to create one for you that’s similar to the expensive designer one you found, but could never afford. Stay open to the many ways you could save on your wedding gown. After all, next to your reception, it’s probably one of your biggest expenses.

Wedding cake on wooden table in front of white-washed brick wall 

Serve Cake for Dessert
Why spend extra for a dessert when you can serve a slice of your wedding cake to your guests? You may have a friend or relative who’s a great baker who’d be willing to bake and decorate your wedding cake for you as a gift. If so, and you’re happy with the results, you’ll have a very sweet memory to share of your special day. Alternatively, you could choose to serve a different dessert and have your cake cut and individually packaged as your favor for your guests.

DJ playing music for guests at reception 

The Entertainment
Many brides and grooms are choosing to hire a DJ instead of a band these days to save on costs, control the playlist, and ensure a range of favorite songs is played for the enjoyment of guests of all ages throughout the reception. Others prefer to hire a band and make this choice a priority in their budget. While hiring a DJ can be much less costly than a full band, don’t forget to budget for the other musicians you’ll need for your ceremony and possibly your cocktail hour when you’re comparing overall costs.

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