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7 Sizzling Hot Wedding Ideas and Trends for Summer

Long, sunshine-filled days and warm, star-studded nights make summer the ideal season to say "I do!" If you're planning an upcoming wedding, you can make your special day that much more unique with these seven top trends taking the summer bridal scene by storm.

  1. Embrace bold, confident colors
    Forget soft pastels and muted neutrals this summer and get inspired by Mother Nature's dizzying array of colors. From juicy orange and fiery fuchsia to bold blue and rich plum, summer weddings this year will be filled with splashes of dynamic color to create a striking and unforgettable scene.
  2. Donut be limited to cake
    Wedding dessert is reinvented and donuts are leading the trend in 2017. Try tiered cake platters stacked with beautifully decorated donuts. Or, create a donut bar where guests can grab a basic treat and customize it with assorted toppings. Go a step further with favors and send guests home with a six-pack of donuts to enjoy the morning after the wedding. Donuts are everywhere this summer – why not make them a part of your wedding?
  3. Have a backup plan for no-show sunshine
    Mother Nature may be in full bloom during summer, but that doesn't mean she won’t throw a few surprises your way. Extreme weather and unforeseen obstacles can arise at any time. Have your backup plans ready, and be sure to help protect your investment by purchasing wedding insurance from WedSafe. Smart brides, grooms and their families get peace of mind by having a backup plan and WedSafe wedding insurance.
  4. Things are looking up -- with sky-high florals
    Say goodbye to traditional tabletop centerpieces and instead, look to the sky. Suspended floral arrangements add instant glamour to any wedding venue. If hanging florals aren't an option, create a similar feel by adding greenery, flowers and garland to rafters and walls.
  5. Tell a story with a custom menu
    Food can do more than satisfy guests' palates; it's a way to tell a couple’s story while making a wedding extra special and personalized. Some couples feature cultural fare, while others choose a menu reminiscent of a special moment, such as the meal they shared on their first date.
  6. Select the sounds of summer
    Music selections for summer weddings are often laid-back and inspirational. For example, you could hire a steel drum player for cocktail hour, followed by a classic big band to inspire guests to get up and groove the night away. Mix in a few beachy classics and you’re bound to make some special summertime memories for your guests.

  7. Find secret sources of inspiration
    To create the wedding of your dreams, explore what other couples are doing so you can be inspired and decide on what ways you can make your own day that much more "you." Research online to find interesting ideas and important advice that help make sure your day is perfect. Start your search by clicking here!

There are endless ideas to enhance your summer wedding! Be sure to check out Pinterest for thousands more. It’s wedding insurance that helps protect you and your family’s investments in your big day against loss, theft, damage, no-shows and other potential problems you could encounter. Getting wedding insurance is easy, smart, and more affordable than you may think. Get a no-cost, no-obligation quote today for WedSafe. It’s peace-of-mind protection that boosts your confidence as you approach your wedding day!


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