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We know a lot goes into wedding planning. That’s why we not only protect your big day, but bring you new and exciting ways to jazz it up! Read on for wedding ideas to make the most of Your special day! 

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Beat those Bridezilla Blues!

It's okay to ask for help:  Turn to your bridesmaids, that's what they are there for! Utilize the different strengths that each person brings to the table.

Stay organized:  Keep a wedding budget and timeline to prevent as many surprises as possible.

What if it rains on your parade? Don't let unpredictable weather ruin your outdoor ceremony. Find a venue that will have a backup plan if a storm knocks on your big day's door.

Check your priorities:  Before you lose your lid during any stressful moments during your wedding planning , ask yourself "is this really worth being angry about?"

Take time outs from wedding planning:  If you get overwhelmed, create a "wedding-free" zone and designate days where you don't talk about your wedding at all. 


Wedding Budgets:  How BIG is YOUR big day?

With the average cost of a wedding in the United States at $29,858, your wedding is nothing short of an investment. Where does all of that money go?

Thousands of dollars are broken down into elements such as the venue, music, photography, cake, and who can forget… the dress! Where you live also affects the average wedding cost. The least expensive place in the United States to get married is in Arkansas, with an average of $11,028, but in New York City, it’s a whopping $86,916, the highest in the country!

Whether you choose a wedding with intimate southern charm or one with a large lavish cityscape, you should consider ways to protect this huge investment. How many vendors ask for deposits, or even full payment far in advance of your wedding day?

Wedding Insurance policies, on average, cost less than half the expense of an average wedding cake! Remember, your big day also comes with potential risk to your pocketbook, so learn as much as you can about protecting your wedding day investment. Get your instant quote now!

Wedding budget, Huge cost of weddings and how to protect it 

Wedding Timeline: A Wedding Planning Checklist


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