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​Wedding Event Cancellation Policy Benefits

WedSafe Wedding Event Cancellation/Postponement Policy Benefits Table


  • Pays the maximum amount for covered cancellation or postponement of the event, including lost deposits or other charges paid, or contracted to be paid by you, for transportation, catering, property and equipment rentals, hall and location rentals, accommodations, special attire, special jewelry, flowers, event photographs/videos and entertainment expenses.

Extra Expense

  • Helps pay for extra expenses incurred to avoid an otherwise necessary cancellation or postponement (e.g., should the electricity go out making it impossible to proceed with the reception unless emergency generators are used, the additional cost would be covered up to the limits of the Extra Expense coverage).

Photographs & Video

  • Provides coverage for losses related to a professional photographer or videographer (e.g., if the photographer fails to appear, or the videographer loses his camera with your digital film, this extension of coverage would help offset associated costs).


  • Provides reimbursement if the wedding gifts are damaged within seven days of the event, this benefit provides reimbursement. Please note that if the gifts are stolen, for coverage to exist the theft must be reported to police.

Special Attire

  • Provides coverage for damage or loss to special attire like the wedding gown or the groom’s tuxedo. Should a glass of red wine irreparably stain the wedding dress, or the tuxedo splits at a seam, this coverage helps pay for repair or replacement.

Special Jewelry

  • Pays for special jewelry damaged or stolen during the week preceding your wedding. Because coverage for losing jewelry (e.g., wedding bands) is not included, you may consider adding such items to a homeowner insurance jewelry floater.

Loss of Deposits

  • Provides protection and payment for a loss of deposit due to a vendor ceasing operations or otherwise not fulfilling their contractual obligations.

Professional Counseling

  • Pays for professional counseling for up to one year following a cancellation or postponement of an event if a physician recommends counseling.

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