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Wedding Must Haves

All You Really Need is Love, But Here are Some Things You May Want for Your Wedding

Let’s face it-weddings can be a lot of work.  There are many pieces to put together, strong emotions, a large financial investment, and probably far too many unsolicited opinions from others!

Speaking of unsolicited, one of the best universal pieces of advice is to not sweat the small stuff, keep things in perspective and try to take in every moment along the way.  Trust in your choices of both people to surround you, and your decisions. Don’t forget the things that are really important to you, and your path of getting to this point in the first place.

Whenever possible, make educated choices, balancing your head and your heart. Weddings of all sizes, even the most intimate, still may require written agreements, deposits and financial commitments.  Love may be blind, but you want to be signing contracts with your eyes wide open!

Using a credit card provides some protection, since if the wedding vendor does not come through with their services, there may be some recourse through the credit card company.  If there was something else available that could provide a little extra “peace of mind” – would you consider it?

Imagine a reception venue shuttering its doors due to bankruptcy, a fire or a flood. We have all witnessed severe weather in recent years – what if a snowstorm or hurricane caused power outages or made roads impassable. While these may be rare, we have seen these catastrophic events cause postponement or cancellation of weddings.

What if a parent of the couple, a best man, or maid of honor had an unforeseen illness, accident or experienced travel delays due to extreme weather and missed the wedding?  What would be the costs associated with that?

Even smaller hiccups could bring grief and leave the couple short-changed.  Wedding vendors of all types, photographers, caterers, florists, have all failed brides at one time or another. Stolen gifts, damage to the groom’s tuxedo, or the bride’s wedding dress – all of these financial losses could potentially be reimbursed by the right wedding insurance policy.

Brides and grooms should explore options that can protect their deposits and help reimburse them in the event of a problem.  Parents of the bride or groom who contribute a significant amount toward the wedding, or even pay for the reception, should also look for the same protection!

Often as we grow older (and arguably, wiser!) we tend to be more conservative and prudent. Parents of the couple who are investing into the wedding can be protected against financial loss in the event of something unexpected.

Alcohol is frequently a part of wedding receptions. Many people enjoy a few drinks, especially at a celebration. Every so often, some enjoy a few too many!  Many wedding venues require Liability insurance to be taken out by the couple. In just a few moments online, the required insurance can be quoted and purchased, the certificate emailed to the venue, and this item can be checked off the list!

At the very least, couples should be aware of the risks that wedding insurance can protect against.


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