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How to Choose the Best Wedding Suit

Whether you’re the groom-to-be, a groomsman, or simply an invited guest, there are several considerations in selecting the right wedding suit for the occasion. Start with the dress code if specified on the invitation. If it’s not spelled out, you’ll want to let the season, location, time of day, or the wedding theme drive your decisions about fabric, colors, style and accessories. One trend we’ve noticed is the number of women opting to wear suits to weddings. The same dress code rules apply, regardless of your gender.

A wedding is generally a dressy event: you’ll want to look your best without outshining the bridal party. From the most formal white tie requirement, to tropical wear at a destination wedding, we’ll help you de-code the dress code so your wedding suit is on-point and picture-perfect.

Tip: Grooms and groomsmen should rent or purchase their wedding suit at least 2-3 months in advance of the wedding. Everyone else has a little more time.

White Tie: The most formal of all. You’ll be required to wear a black tailcoat, white bow tie, wing tip tuxedo shirt, a waistcoat, black tuxedo pants, and black patent leather shoes.

Black Tie: This dress code call-out requires a black tuxedo, black bow tie, white tux shirt, and black patent leather shoes. No bright colors, no neckties please!  

Black Tie Optional: Follow the above guidelines, or choose a dark suit, black bow tie or necktie, white dress shirt, and black patent leather shoes.

Creative Black Tie: You’ll be expected to wear a dinner jacket tux, a solid or patterned bow tie or necktie in low-key colors, a tux or dress shirt, and patent leather shoes or velvet loafers.

Cocktail Attire: You’ll still be expected to sport a dark suit, but can let your creativity shine with a solid color dress shirt, patterned tie, and dark-colored leather shoes.

Casual Attire: In wedding lingo, this doesn’t mean jeans and sneakers. You’ll still be expected to wear a suit (although not black) or a blazer with dress slacks. A necktie is optional, and you can choose a solid color or patterned dress shirt, and leather shoes.

Tropical Wear: For afternoon or early evening summer weddings, or in a hot/tropical place. Choose a light-colored suit, necktie, solid or patterned dress shirt and leather shoes.

While brides and bridesmaids often get all of the attention when it comes to wedding wear, as a groom or groomsman, you’ll want to make sure your wedding suit complements the bride’s and bridemaids’ outfits. Choose quality fabrics, and classically simple lines. Remember that your look will be captured in pictures and on video for years to come.

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