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Wedding Event Cancellation Insurance

Why should you buy wedding cancellation insurance?
No matter how diligent you are or reputable your vendors promise to be, wedding mishaps happen. This could lead to financial loss for you.

What does wedding insurance cover?
WedSafe Wedding Event Cancellation/Postponement Insurance offers protection if you need to cancel/reschedule your event for reasons such as:

  • Severe weather
  • Sudden illness
  • Lost/non-refundable deposits
  • Vendor bankruptcy

Coverage provides protection for:

  • Damage to wedding attire such as bridal gown, wedding rings
  • Damaged wedding photos/videos
  • Stolen gifts
  • … and more

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WedSafe Coverage at a Glance – Click on the chart to view all 10 policy benefit levels (including the three most popular levels selected by couples), and an explanation of coverage benefits.

For a more in-depth explanation of each of the various event cancellation benefits,  please visit our page with details on Wedding Event Cancellation Postponement policy coverage benefits.


WedSafe Wedding Event Cancellation/Postponement Policy Benefits Table
(click image to view all policy benefit levels)

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 Content Editor

The information contained here is for illustrative purposes only and coverage under the WedSafe Program is expressly subject to the conditions, restrictions, limitations, exclusions and terms of the policy documentation issued by the insurer. Availability of this program is subject to each state’s approval and coverage may vary by state.

Due to the changing circumstances surrounding Covid-19 and the significant impact it has had on the insurance industry, event cancellation coverage may not be available in all states. Additionally, this policy does not provide coverage for loss or damage arising out of any of the following, including any fear or threat thereof, whether actual or perceived; any infectious disease, virus, bacterium or other microorganism; Pandemic or epidemic, as declared as such by the World Health Organization or any other governmental authority.

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