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Benefits of Wedding Day Insurance

The Benefits of Wedding Insurance

Insurance for your wedding day?  More and more venues are requiring wedding liability insurance, and more and more couples are looking to protect their investment with wedding cancellation protection.

Whether you are an event planning professional, a bride or groom, or a family member - you know how important ensuring the happiness and satisfaction on the big day is. The ease and affordability of the WedSafe® wedding insurance solution can help make liability coverage requirements one less worry for the happy couple.

  • Easy to purchase
  • Friendly customer service
  • No hassles
  • High quality coverage

Event Liability Insurance  --  For venues that require it, Wedsafe offers Wedding Liability insurance protection. If you are serving alcohol and indicate so on our short application, coverage will automatically be included (pursuant to the policy terms).

WedSafe Liability Insurance is accepted at thousands of venues all across the country.  From state or national parks, mansions, wineries, museums, barns - you name it and if you want to have your wedding there, chances are we have insured past couples on their wedding day at the venue you selected!

Not just Liability Coverage -- WedSafe offers Wedding Cancellation insurance options also. If it is necessary to cancel or postpone for reasons beyond the couple's control, having wedding event cancellation insurance could mean the difference between losing a lot of money, or having it reimbursed through this important insurance coverage.

Don't forget, even if the wedding is not cancelled or postponed, there are still other less catastrophic mishaps that could still mean financial loss.  Wedding event cancellation protection has reimbursed policy holders for damaged special attire, additional expenses of re-taking of photographs, stolen gifts, and more!

WedSafe is here to protect your wedding and provide you with a wedding without worries!

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