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2016 Wedding Insurance Claims

Protect your investments. Get peace of mind.

We analyzed our 2016 wedding insurance claims to discover what items, events or incidents were behind the filing of insurance claims; in effect, looking at what went wrong on or before the big day. With all the time and money you spend planning your perfect day, WedSafe is an important way to help protect your investments and to give yourselves greater peace of mind.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of WedSafe’s 2016 wedding insurance claims:

  • 29% for event cancellation or postponement
    Some mishaps are unavoidable, leading to financial loss. Severe weather, sudden illness or vendor bankruptcies are a few of the most common reasons for event cancellation.
  • 28% for accident or injury
    Opt for a liability product that covers unexpected injuries (like when a guest slips and falls) and protects you against claims for accidents or other injuries.
  • 24% for issues with wedding vendors
    Venues and vendors don’t always come through. Your venue or a vendor could go out of business after taking your deposit. A vendor could be a no-show. Event cancellation coverage can help you get back non-refundable deposits or take care of additional, unforeseen expenses.
  • 15% for damage to the venue
    Many venues require you to purchase liability coverage for your wedding day, which comes in handy should any property damage occur.
  • 2% for lost/stolen gifts or personal items
    At large events, items can sometimes be lost or stolen. Be sure to purchase a policy that insures gifts and personal items.
  • 2% for dress damage
    Your gown could tear on the dance floor, or get stained while enjoying food and drinks. If you have a policy that covers your dress, you can have it repaired before preserving it.

WedSafe policies are very affordable -- less than half the cost of an average wedding cake -- so on your big day, you can have your cake and protect your wedding, too!


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