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Bliss Busters: Top Wedding Insurance Claims of 2019 from WedSafe

What types of wedding insurance claims do we see?

In 2019, some wedding days were memorable for all of the wrong reasons, according to new data from Aon Affinity's WedSafe program. In fact, the company found that the highest percentage of the program's 2019 claims – 38 percent – stemmed from the need to cancel or postpone the event, with reasons ranging from military deployments and deaths in the family, to hurricanes and health issues.

"Even though the worst possible scenario is the last thing you want to think about when planning your wedding, it's so important to consider," said Steve Lauro, vice president, Aon Affinity. "Insuring this milestone experience can help protect your financial investment if the unexpected forces a change in plans."

Other claims were in the following categories:

  • Venue Property Damage (23 percent) – From stained turf to destroyed murals and couches dyed in ink, venue property damage accounted for 23 percent of claims filed last year.
  • Injury or Accident (18 percent) – Slippery dance floors, fist fights, and poorly lit stairs were part of the 18 percent of claims filed as an injury or accident.
  • Vendor Problem (16 percent) – Companies going out of business, unresponsive videographers, and the entire band falling into a river are among the 16 percent of claims that came from a vendor problem. 
  • Theft, Loss, or Damage (5 percent) – Scraped cars, stolen sunglasses, and broken gifts are part of the 5 percent of claims filed due to theft, loss, or damage.

"No amount of planning can prepare a couple for the unexpected," Lauro said. "Insurance can be the safety net you need if that unforeseen event were to arise."


2018 Wedding Insurance Claims:  

The top wedding insurance claims for 2018 

The last thing on a couple’s mind while planning their wedding is having to cancel or postpone it – but it happens. In fact, 43 percent of 2018 wedding insurance claims were due to cancellation or postponement of the big day, according to newly released data from Aon's WedSafe program. 

"The reality is that with significant and often complicated events like weddings, mishaps are bound to happen," said Steve Lauro, vice president, Aon Affinity. "From severe weather, to a guest who had too much fun, to vendor no shows – these situations are real, and are legitimate reasons to protect your wedding, your investment and your future. This is where wedding insurance can literally save the day."

Read on about the top 2018 wedding insurance claims:

WedSafe 2018 Wedding Insurance Claims Release.pdf  

2017 WedSafe Wedding Insurance Claims

Protect your investments. Get peace of mind.

We analyzed our 2017 wedding insurance claims to discover what the underlying reasons were for filing a claim with WedSafe.

Read the complete press release for additional information:WedSafe-Wedding-Insurance-Claims-2017.pdf

Download the Top 5 Wedding Insurance Claims infographic for 2017.

2016 Wedding Insurance Claims

We analyzed our 2016 wedding insurance claims to discover what items, events or incidents were behind the filing of insurance claims; in effect, looking at what went wrong on or before the big day. With all the time and money you spend planning your perfect day, WedSafe is an important way to help protect your investments and to give yourselves greater peace of mind.


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