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Wedding Planning Tips

Your wedding will be one of the biggest, happiest and most memorable days of your life! With so many details to attend to, you’ll want to get organized and start planning your biggest items such as your budget, wedding venue and reception location as soon as possible. We’ve put together a helpful timeline, handy tips, current advice and several checklists to assist. Wedding planning should be fun, but it can also be stressful, so make sure you take time to relax along the way. Enlisting friends, family and close bridesmaids to help or even just to listen as you work through the details can take some of the pressure off and help you focus on what’s most important: you and your partner will soon be celebrating your union with friends and family as you begin a beautiful new life together!

Wedding bells

Planning Your Wedding and Honeymoon

10 Tips for Home Front & Backyard Weddings
2024 Wedding Trends
Wedding Insurance 101
7 Show-Stopping Wedding Splurges
7 reasons your big day will be nothing like your parents’ wedding
Top 15 Micro-Wedding Trends
During Covid, 5 Most Expensive Wedding Planning Mistakes

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget
Wedding Budget Tips
Wedding Planning Checklist
Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?
How to Plan an Affordable Honeymoon
Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World
Best Honeymoon Destinations in the USA
3 Earlymoon Travel Tips
Wedding Timeline Checklist
How to Plan a Small Intimate Wedding
4 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters
9 Huge Wedding Day Mishaps
Top 5 Hidden Wedding Costs and How to Protect Your Budget
3 Most Expensive (& Common) Wedding Planning Mistakes
Something Old, Something New. Weddings are seeing it ALL in 2022!
2023 Wedding Trends
7 Wedding Rules That Have Changed

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How to Pick the Best Destination Wedding Packages
Top Beach Wedding Ideas
Top Outdoor Wedding Venues
5 Advantages to a Winter Wedding
6 Watch Outs for Winter Weddings
Winter Wedding Ideas
List of Fall Wedding Ideas
Spring Wedding Ideas​
Summer Wedding Ideas
How to Choose the Best Wedding Suit
What Wedding Dress Should You Wear?

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Reception / Venue

Unique Ways to Entertain Guests
Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue
The Best Order of Events at a Wedding


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Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding camera


Wedding Picture Ideas

Music at your wedding


Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ
Best First Wedding Dance Songs
Deciding on a Wedding Orchestra

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DIY Ideas

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts

Wedding dress doodle

Other Tips and Wedding Resources

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Media Coverage and Wedding Planning Websites
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Wedding and Reception Invitation Wording
3 Things Your Bridal Party is Afraid to Tell You
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